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We offer a complete range of lawn treatments to ensure your garden, sports pitch, bowling green, or any
other outdoor area remains in great condition. Get in touch with us at Independent Grass Care to find
out more, we serve throughout Cuddington, Sandiway and Northwich.

Keeping your lawn in top condition all year round

As the seasons change, so do the needs of your lawn. At Independent Grass Care we provide a complete range of lawn care services and treatments to help your lawn stay healthy all year round. We’re a local, independent business and provide a trusted service throughout Cuddington, Sandiway and Northwich, with many happy clients that rely on our services to maintain their lawns. With over 30 years in the industry, you can count on us to offer our expert advice to help you get the most out of your lawn.

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Spring and summer

Spring is when things start to happen in the garden, and fast. Grass begins to grow quickly, and it’s the perfect time to begin lawn treatments that will ensure your lawn is in the best condition for the summer ahead. We can ensure moss and weeds that may have built up over winter if you have left your lawn be are removed, and your grass is well fed to stimulate growth.

During summer, when the days are longer, and the sun is stronger, the risk of your lawn drying out is high. Sufficient watering and fertilisation can help to ensure you avoid unsightly yellow patchy areas, and maintain a luscious, vibrant lawn throughout the summer. At Independent Grass Care we offer complete packages to ensure you have the perfect lawn all year round, as well as one-off treatments and services. Speak to our team in Cuddington to find out more.

Autumn and winter

Autumn is a crucial time in the calendar of your lawn. After months of (hopefully) sunny weather throughout the summer, and ahead of what could be a harsh winter, it’s the perfect time to give your lawn some attention. Treating your lawn accordingly during winter will ensure it is healthy and strong ahead of winter. Another vital task of caring for your lawn in Autumn is to ensure fallen leaves are regularly cleaned and collected, to ensure your lawn can continue to easily absorb water and other nutrients. It can sometimes seem as though you’re fighting a losing battle when trees are shedding their leaves in full force, so why not let us take care of it for you?

The colder winter months can be a good time to rest your lawn, but that’s not to say it doesn’t still need some attention. Winter is when moss can really take hold on your lawn, so this is an area we focus a lot on during these months.

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